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Welcome to our web site.  Do you remember your first Buffalo gay bar?  How about the bar where you met your first boyfriend?  Or the bar that launched your drag career?  Which gay bar was your all-time favorite?  We're inviting you to share those wonderful bar memories with the Buffalo LGBT community.

The Men's Bar History Project has identified 123 men's gay bars since 1930.  That's the year Galante's speakeasy opened behind City Hall and became Buffalo's very first gay bar.  Since then there's been an unbroken string of bars welcoming gay men to Buffalo.  For several years in the late 1950s, more than 16 men's bars were open for business simultaneously.  Surely a wild time in the old town.  The year 2018 marks the 88th Anniversary of Buffalo's Gay Bars.

Now that we know the bar names, we need your help in discovering more.  What were those gay bars like?  How fabulous were the drag queens?  How hot were the bartenders?  What songs were the rage?  How good was the cruising?  Anything you can recall about the old bars will be helpful to us. Our web site offers an easy online Questionnaire that you can use to send us your bar recollections.  It's mostly checkboxes and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Start with the Web Site Tour to explore the history of Buffalo's men's bars and to learn more about how you can aid our project.  If we omitted any bars or if our information is inaccurate, kindly let us know.  Thanks for visiting our site.

The Current Gay Men's Bars in Buffalo, NY