♦♦♦ We're having difficulty finding information about the following bars.  Please help us if you know anything. ♦♦♦

Polish John's - A men's bar on the East Side, possibly on Stanislaw Street, in the late 1950s or early 1960s that catered to blue-collar factory workers.

Satan's Corner - A men's bar on the East Side, probably at 66 Memorial Drive, in the late 1970s located near the old NY Central Terminal.  Earlier in that decade, another gay bar called Denny's Place was located in the same neighborhood.

Swan Club - A mens bar at 437 Ellicott Street around the year 2000. The bar was located next to the wholesale flower shops on Ellicott Street behind the Market Arcade Theater.

♦♦♦ Can anyone in the community help us with the following? ♦♦♦

During the 2005 Buffalo Pride celebration, we were told that the very first gay bar in Western New York was in the tiny town of Olcott in Niagara County around the year 1910.  Has anyone heard rumors or know any stories about this bar?