Map #1 This map demonstrates the shift in location that followed the racial unrest in Buffalo during the summer of 1967.  Prior to that summer, the majority of bars were east of Main Street.  After that summer, essentially all the bars were either west of Main or on Main St. itself.  Only two bars opened on the East Side after 1967 and that didn't occur until the late 1980's.  Interestingly, in the 37 years before 1967, only one bar (Jan's) was located directly on Main.  In the 38 years since, 12 men's bars have brandished a Main Street address.
Map #2 This map indicates the location of each bar with a number.  Beneath the map is a key listing the bar name that corresponds with each number.  This downtown map encompasses 71 locations and 95 bar names.

Note:  The map files are large and might take a moment to download.