Bar Questionnaire
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Please answer the items below, then click the "Submit Answers" button.  Skip any items you don't recall.

What was the name of the bar?  

Checkmark all of the following that describe this bar

The bar had a jukebox
The bar had a television set
The bar had a dance floor
The bar had a disc jockey
The bar had live bands
The bar had a piano player
The bar had karaoke singing
The bar had drag shows
The bar had male go-go dancers
The bar had a great sound system
The bar showed music videos
The bar showed gay porno videos
The bar held fund-raisers for gay causes
The bar was popular for watching sports on TV
The bar sponsored sports teams (bowling, softball)
The bar organized bus trips to local sporting events
The bar provided free food during parties and special events
Bouncers were stationed at the door for security
Straight people routinely came to this bar and mixed with the gays
The bar opened early on weekdays and had a crowd of afternoon regulars
Happy hour was popular with blue-collar gays
Happy hour attracted a gay professional crowd
It was normal to see customers dressed in drag
Men in drag were not welcome and would be asked to leave
If you weren't young and hot looking, you didn't stand a chance at this bar
Underage customers claimed it was easy to get served alcohol at this bar
Many gay men who came to this bar worked hard to keep their gayness a secret outside the bar
Bar patrons often got into heated arguments and physical fights
The bar dress code didn't allow casual clothing (no T-shirts, shorts, sandals)
In addition to gay men, lesbians regularly patronized this bar
The lesbians generally stayed by themselves rather than mixing with the men
The bar was popular with gay men visiting from Rochester and Toronto
The men at this bar were excellent dancers and knew all the latest steps
The bar usually got more crowded as closing time approached (a "last call" bar)
Gay men (not in drag) used the women's restroom when necessary
Patrons often drank so much alcohol they got sick and threw up while still at the bar
The police were frequently called because of unruly customers and habitual troublemakers
Bar patrons experienced anti-gay harassment from the surrounding neighborhood
The bar did not allow same-sex customers to kiss, hold hands, or touch each other in any way
The bar was cruisey and good for finding tricks and one-night-stands
The bar was popular with bi-sexual married men looking for gay sex partners
The bar was popular with older gay men who liked to date significantly younger guys ("chicken hawks")
The owner/manager had a reputation for seducing the bartenders and the customers
Hustlers (male prostitutes) regularly patronized this bar and worked the crowd
The bar had a darkened "fool-around" room for making-out and more
The men's restroom had glory holes
Cars in the parking lot were used as a place to have sex
The bar did not allow any same-sex dancing
The bar allowed same-sex fast dancing (no body contact), but not same-sex slow dancing
"French" kissing and lewd behavior were usual on the dance floor
Poppers were openly used on the dance floor (amyl nitrate)
Patrons discretely smoked marijuana joints inside the bar
Illegal drugs were easy to obtain from other patrons
The bar gave out free condoms to the customers
The bar was located in a red light district and female prostitutes often came into the bar
The bar was raided by the vice squad cops
The bar had a special signal to let customers know that cops were around
There were booths to sit in
There were tables and chairs
The bar was modern, attractive and well-maintained
The barstools were wobbly, tattered, and broken
The place was run-down and hadn't been redecorated for years
The dining area was located in a separate room from the bar area
The dance floor was in a separate room
The pool table and games were in a separate room
The bar had a raised balcony section overlooking the rest of the room
The bar had a basement or a second story that was open to customers
The bar had an outdoor porch or patio
The bar was air-conditioned
The bar relied on fans and open windows in the summertime (no air-conditioning)
The bar had a cloak room to check your coat
The bar had an illuminated stage for drag shows and other performances
The bar had an elevated "fashion" runway
On weekends there was a cover charge to get into the bar
The owner(s) did not allow posters or decorations which might reveal that this was a gay bar
Motorists and pedestrians passing by the bar could see in through the front windows
The bar had a parking lot for its customers
The majority of the bartenders were gorgeous hunks
Some of the bartenders were straight guys
Some of the bartenders were women
The bartenders all wore identical outfits or dressed in a distinctive way
"Shots boys" circulated through the crowd selling or giving away pre-poured drinks
The bar provided table and booth service
The place had a front and back bar to better serve the customers
On crowded nights bar service was slow and getting a drink was a struggle
The bartenders rang a bell or other loud noisemaker when they got a tip
In addition to serving drinks, the bar also prepared and served food (a restaurant or grill)
The bartenders occasionally gave away free drinks to repeat customers
Customers often bought rounds of drinks for the whole bar
The bar offered happy-hour discounts and provided free munchies
The bar advertised itself as a upscale cocktail or martini lounge
One or more of the bar owners were gay
None of the bar owners were gay
The owner(s) helped with the bartending
The owner(s) sat at the bar and partied right along with the customers
The owner(s) were rarely seen and seldom mixed with the customers
The owner(s) supported gay rights and donated to gay causes
The owner(s) helped gay customers with personal problems (family, legal, financial)
The owner(s) owned other bars in Buffalo
The bar was originally a straight bar that eventually turned gay

What games did the bar provide for customers to play?
Video Games     Pool table    Darts     Pinball     Shuffleboard     Bingo     Cards     Chess/Checkers

What "hi-tech" effects enhanced the dance floor?
X-mas tree lights   Mirror ball   Ultraviolet lights   Disco lights   Lasers lights   Bubble machine   Fog machine

Which best describes the men's lavatory?
Dirty and smelly, dispensers empty     Average for a bar     Clean and attractive, dispensers well stocked

How often did the bar throw parties and have special events?
Less often than monthly     Monthly     More often than monthly     Big holidays only

How strong were the typical drinks mixed by the bartenders?
Weaker than average     Normal     Stronger than average

In general, how did the alcoholic drink prices compare to similar "straight bars" in Buffalo?
Less expensive     About the same     More expensive

How friendly were the customers to each another?
Cliquey and standoffish     Friendly to repeat customers     Warm and talkative even to newcomers

Which age group dominated the bar on weekends?
18 to 22     22 to 35     35 to 55     Over 55

On a crowded night, how many people at most would be in the bar at the same time?
Under 50     50 to 100     100 to 150     Over 150

What was the actual shape of the bar where the customers sat?
Straight line     L-shaped     U-shaped     Z-shaped     Circular     Irregular

Which gay crowd came to this bar the most?
Which jukebox song(s) got played again and again?
Which song(s) had everyone on the dance floor?
Which mixed drink(s) were popular with patrons?
What brand liquor was a favorite for doing shots?
What humorous nickname, if any, did the bar have?
Which bartender do you think is remembered best?
What cologne was popular with gay men at this bar?
What "in vogue" fashion items were worn at this bar?
Where did gays go out for breakfast after last call?
Why do you think the bar eventually closed down?

Tell us an interesting fact about the bar itself (the room, building, neighborhood) that people might remember.

Describe a party, incident, or colorful character that people might remember.

What else do you remember about the bar and the crowd who went there?

We're requesting contact information so that, if needed, we can ask you additional facts about the bar.  We realize that some people are reluctant to reveal their identity these days and we will respect your submission either way.  If you wish, just give us a first name and e-mail.  We pledge to keep your contact information confidential and not reveal it to anyone else.

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