Our web site is in two parts.  The first covers the gay bars (green links); the second is about the research project itself (blue links).  We continuously post draft stories as we collect them.  As a result, incorrect information might get uploaded.  We ask that you to send us an e-mail if you spot any inaccuracies.  The navigation bar is found only on the home page.  You can always return home by clicking the blue HOME button at the top of each page (see above).

Gay Bar Stories Recollections of individual bars, where they were located, and what years they operated.
Master Bar Lists The men's gay bars listed alphabetically and chronologically.
Bar Count by Year Graphs showing how many men's bars were in business each year since 1930.
Street Maps Maps of the gay-bar districts in downtown Buffalo.
Bar Photos Current and historical bar photos.
Heard of These Bars? These bars have us stumped.  Can you help us out?
Bar Questionnaire Use this easy checkbox form to send us your recollections.
Bar Trivia Quiz Test your detailed knowledge of the Buffalo gay bars.

Who We Are How our research project came into existence and how it's being carried out.
How You Can Help Information and memorabilia we need from you to make our research project a success.
How to Contact Us Our e-mail and website address and our phone number.
A Word of Thanks Acknowledging the valuable contributions to our project by the Buffalo GLBT community.